Verbatim Asset Management is focussed upon delivering investment solutions that do what they say on the tin.


Verbatim Asset Management offers investment solutions that are clearly managed to risk and return parameters, ensuring suitability of initial and ongoing advice for an adviser’s business.

Verbatim delivers a suite of solutions that can cater for the needs of the modern financial adviser looking for portfolios that are designed to meet the outcomes of their independent advice process. Whether you favour growth or income, active or index, unitised collectives or managed model portfolios, Verbatim has a solution that can help you deliver client value with confidence.

  • Verbatim investments are designed to meet the risk and return outcomes of an independent investment process; all of our solutions have this model written into the investment mandate.
  • Robust risk-profiling and portfolio design, using a proven Strategic Asset Allocation, is at the heart of each of our investment solutions.
  • Each of our solutions has a global multi-asset mandate, delivering optimised diversification for your clients.
  • We create a clear portfolio mandate, and then hire a portfolio manager to deliver the investment solution.
  • We cater for actively managed and multi-index investing through collective funds and managed model portfolios, to suit your business approach and the needs of your clients.

A consistent and proven model lies at the heart of each of our investment solutions – designed to match your independent investment process

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