The award winning provider of software for employee benefits communication, enrolment and administration which has positioned itself firmly at the front of the workplace technology market, Zest has been designed to help employees fully understand the value of their total reward package and enables employers, and advisers on their behalf, manage their auto enrolment obligations, offer flexible benefits, improve financial education, manage HR data, streamline scheme administration and maximise the potential for worksite marketing.

Advisers and consultants license Zest’s technology to gain competitive advantage through their own customised benefits service, with technology at the heart of their proposition. Market demand is driven by the interest in improved benefits communication and flexible benefits to help employee engagement, recruitment and retention. Financial savings through salary sacrifice, cost control through flexible benefits and improved return on investment as a result of increased understanding and appreciation of benefits provided are other factors and auto enrolment has moved benefit platforms from a "nice to have" to a "must have" as every employer needs some form of technology support to manage the complex administration and compliance processes.

Having Zest as part of their toolkit helps advisers retain clients, win new corporate business, generate new revenue streams, maximise worksite marketing opportunities and lower the cost of client servicing.

Over 350 UK companies, ranging in size from tens to thousands of employees, use Zest, and it is promoted or sold under license by more corporate advisers, benefit consultants and providers than any other product of this type. Zest’s's partners include Aviva, KPMG, Hargreaves Lansdown, Lorica, Mercer and NOW:Pensions.

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