Ken Davy Blog: In Your Corner

Ken Davy, the founder and Chairman of The SimplyBiz Group is a true industry heavyweight and is greatly respected by across the financial services sector, and by other business leaders. Ken regularly shares his views on some of the pertinent issues shaping our landscape and provides a unique insight into some of the issues of the past and the future in the press. Read his most recent columns below:

Ken Davy Blog: In Your Corner
Spot the difference to avoid confusion
07 October 2020

"The first important step is to eliminate the confusion between advice and guidance."  In Ken Davy's latest article, he discusses the FCA's Call For Input, and how further clarity can be added for consumers

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Advisers continue to adapt to stay on the front foot
09 September 2020

Group Chairman, Ken Davy, discusses the use of virtual technology to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of advisers.

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I'm reading: The Road to Huddersfield
01 September 2020

Ken Davy discusses the literary gem keeping him entertained during lockdown.

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Could the Chancellor's housing market bet pay off?
12 August 2020

In his column this month, our Chairman, Ken Davy, reflects upon Rishi Sunak's recent attempts to kick-start the housing market.

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I believe the sector is entitled to ask the FCA why has it taken so long to get to grips with this issue
15 July 2020

In this article, Ken addresses the dangers of the DB market and asks if the regulator may have been reckless with the future finances of many consumers.

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Listen to the lessons of the past
30 June 2020

After the Covid-19 crisis has passed there is going to be a huge rise in demand for financial advice, but are advisers going to be able to cope? They will, says SimplyBiz Group Chairman Ken Davy, if they are ready to learn the lessons from almost 50 years ago.

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Crisis can also present opportunity
03 June 2020

"The changes to ways of doing business are greater and more profound than any change in my lifetime".  Read Ken's thoughts on the opportunities that can be brought by a crisis.

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Is there a way for a will in lockdown?
20 May 2020

Ken Davy's latest column looks at the challenges facing those making - or changing - a will whilst in lockdown.

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Embrace technology when servicing your clients
22 April 2020

Ken Davy looks at the priorities for advisers when serving clients in times of crisis. 

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Get behind the PFS's FSCS campaign!
26 February 2020

Group Chairman Ken Davy urges advisers to fight for a fair overhaul of the FSCS funding model. 

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