The Advice Show is a live broadcast featuring an array of industry leaders discussing the big issues shaping our industry. It is broadcast straight to your laptop, phone or any other device, wherever you are, meaning you don’t have to go anywhere to get all the latest news, views and insight.

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Advice Show: 18 March - 

As an adviser operating in today’s financial services marketplace, you will have a number of core needs to address in 2019, a year that looks set to throw up more challenges than most. From increased regulation and market uncertainty to evolving client needs and the necessity of bringing in more efficiencies to your business, there is much to consider.

With this in mind, we will be bringing you an Advice Show special this March. Broadcasting live from our studios in London, we will assemble a number of leading industry experts to address head on some of the big issues shaping our industry, and to provide you with real insight and debate.

  New feature – whenever you see the question ‘buzzer’ this means that you can shape that particular session before it even goes out on air – simply send your questions ahead of the event and we will put them to the panel.

  • 10.30-11.10: Market insight

    From trade wars to Brexit, from declining currencies to emerging markets, our panel of experts will look at the key factors influencing investments, sharing their unique insights and providing you with real thought leadership.

    Panel details to follow

  • 11.15-11.40: The regulatory requirements of today's adviser

    How does the latest regulation affect advice?  What are the main issues advisers are facing when giving advice? And what do you need to be aware of in the coming months? We will address the issues advisers are facing and provide practical guidance on how to ensure you stay compliant.

    Send your questions to to shape this session!

  • 11.45: 12.15: Head On – special feature

    In this special feature, we bring together some of the industry’s biggest names to address the biggest issues facing advisers today. Our very own Ken Davy will be joined by other senior business heads to address ‘Head on’ regulation, legislation and the wider economic landscape.

    Panel details to follow

  • 12.20:12.45: Deep dive – Impact, Ethical, Social Responsible Investing

    Each show, we take a deep dive into the latest trends, topics and ones to watch. This time around, it’s the turn of investments that are looking to have a positive effect on our world – often termed ethical, social responsible and now impact investing.

    We will be asking ‘Why experts predict these investments will become the norm in only a few short years? And, with around 80% of wealth expected to be held by millenniums in the next 3-5 years, how are these solutions evolving, how do they work, how can advisers include them in their advice process and how can they be accessed?

    Panel details to follow

  • 12.50: 13.25: The retirement landscape – 2019 and beyond

    In our penultimate session, we take a look at what’s happening in the retirement space today. DB transfers have dominated the news and will inevitable continue to play a vital role in the retirement landscape and we will cover off the latest thinking along with exploring the wider market looking at what the key issues are affecting advisers.

    Panel details to follow

  • 13.30:13.55 Strategic Asset Allocation

    Info and panel details to follow

  • 14.00: Programme close