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Next show: On air Monday 14 December 2020

The last few weeks of 2020 look certain to be as monumental as any in recent times. We now know who the 46th US President is (just), and will start to see how that will shape up in the coming weeks as the UK looks to forge new relations with our allies across the pond whilst, of course, navigating the final few weeks leading up to our departure from the EU. All of which will be done against the backdrop of further lockdown measures enforced in the wake of increased COVID-19 cases.

Add to that impending regulatory deadlines, a surge in tech adoption not seen since some of the early digital years and yet further and ever increasing and changing consumer needs – there is much to address before we can finally call time on this rather challenging year.

Step forward our year-end special Advice Show…

Join us on the 14th December for what promises to be high energy, debate-fuelled feast of insight and topical discussion with some of the industry’s leading experts in their field.