Ken Davy Weekly Blog, FT Adviser

Ken Davy, the founder and Chairman of The SimplyBiz Group is a true industry heavyweight and is greatly respected by across the financial services sector, and by other business leaders. Ken shares his views on some of the pertinent issues shaping our landscape and provides a unique insight into some of the issues of the past and the future in his weekly blog for Financial Adviser. Read his most recent columns below:

Ken Davy Weekly Blog, FT Adviser
Time to take responsibility
24 October 2018

Ken discusses why SMCR will make it tougher for wrongdoers to avoid the blame game. 

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Nothing soft about soft skills
10 October 2018

Ken Davy talks about the importance of relationships in the advice process 

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A little more conversation AND a little more action please!
26 September 2018

Why Ken Davy believes that access to information is just as vital as access to advice

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Silos are no good for tackling wide scale issues
12 September 2018

Ken Davy’s latest column examines why a holistic view is necessary for approaching the pensions and savings gaps

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Pension freedom chickens head home to roost
15 August 2018

The full extent of repercussions from pension freedom are still not fully revealed  

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Time for your 2018 reboot
01 August 2018

Ken Davy muses on the importance of taking time out to recharge your batteries

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How turning a blind eye got us to where we are now
18 July 2018

It was not many years ago when it became virtually impossible for anyone to obtain PI cover at a reasonable premium. Such was the crisis that the then regulator, the FSA, turned a blind eye to the fact that over a thousand firms were trading without PI insurance.

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Hello, have you been mis-sold an accident claim?
05 July 2018

I am sure you will have been delighted to note that, at long last, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is going to formally regulate the ambulance chasers.

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Social care is elephant in the room
20 June 2018

There is a massive issue facing our clients, which is often referred to as a generational time bomb, that has the potential to destroy inheritances and cause misery to millions of elderly people.

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Embracing the importance of good communication
06 June 2018

In recent years, as far as financial advice is concerned, so much emphasis has been placed on getting the right qualifications that the vital importance of soft skills has been neglected.

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