Ken Davy Weekly Blog, FT Adviser

Ken Davy, the founder and Chairman of The SimplyBiz Group is a true industry heavyweight and is greatly respected by across the financial services sector, and by other business leaders. Ken shares his views on some of the pertinent issues shaping our landscape and provides a unique insight into some of the issues of the past and the future in his weekly blog for Financial Adviser. Read his most recent columns below:

Ken Davy Weekly Blog, FT Adviser
Is there a way for a will in lockdown?
20 May 2020

Ken Davy's latest column looks at the challenges facing those making - or changing - a will whilst in lockdown.

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Embrace technology when servicing your clients
22 April 2020

Ken Davy looks at the priorities for advisers when serving clients in times of crisis. 

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Get behind the PFS's FSCS campaign!
26 February 2020

Group Chairman Ken Davy urges advisers to fight for a fair overhaul of the FSCS funding model. 

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Communication offers clients great comfort
04 February 2020

During this time of unprecedented turmoil, communication will be absolutely key and will significantly help to strengthen both your relationships with clients and your business, once the coronavirus crisis is behind us

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FCA opens 2020 with 'Dear CEO' letter
30 January 2020

Ken Davy discusses the regulator’s latest communication and hopes that it will see more protection for both consumers and advisers. 

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The Good, Bad And Ugly Of 2019
11 December 2019

Read about Ken Davy’s views on the highlights and low points of the past twelve months in the world of advice. 

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Wanted - a responsible gamekeeper
13 November 2019

If it is not the job of the regulator to ban unsuitable products, then whose is it?

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Government should scrap savings silos and the lifetime allowance
16 October 2019

Ken Davy discusses why silos may be good for grain, but not for fairer, simpler, less costly and more effective savings everyone

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Pension freedom chickens come home to roost
18 September 2019

Too many consumers who took advantage of pension freedoms to access their pension pot, and find that now, just a few short years later, the money cupboard is bare. 

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Investing in the future of the industry is key
24 July 2019

To address the shortage of financial advisers, firms of every size, along with service companies, providers and networks will all need to rally round and act.

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