Ken Davy Weekly Blog, FT Adviser

Ken Davy, the founder and Chairman of The SimplyBiz Group is a true industry heavyweight and is greatly respected by across the financial services sector, and by other business leaders. Ken shares his views on some of the pertinent issues shaping our landscape and provides a unique insight into some of the issues of the past and the future in his weekly blog for Financial Adviser. Read his most recent columns below:

Ken Davy Weekly Blog, FT Adviser
Time to corral ambulance chasing cowboys
03 April 2019

Group Chairman Ken discusses why he’s pleased to see CMCs fall under the FCA’s watchful eye, and the ways in which regulation will benefit both the industry and consumers. 



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Ken Davy: Don't put advisers on the endangered list
20 March 2019

The demand and need for personal financial advice has never been greater, and needs to be made available to more people, not fewer.  Ken Davy examines why the regulator’s good intentions may be paving the path to advisory hell.

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Regulation overload risks leaving advisers exposed
13 March 2019

Our Group Chairman explores how too much regulation could be detrimental to consumer outcomes.

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Do you have money to burn?
20 February 2019

Group Chairman Ken Davy looks at how employing the right support technology could help advisers save time and money.

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How education can keep scammers at bay
06 February 2019

With the sophistication of financial services scams, particularly those on social media, increasing, Group Chairman Ken Davy discusses why knowledge is power when it comes to protecting your clients.

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Proof that the new FOS limits are not fair
23 January 2019

Chairman Ken Davy has a closer look at one of FOS’ latest rulings, and discusses why he believes it defies both common sense and the law!

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Be a better you in 2019
09 January 2019

Our Group Chairman discusses productive New Year’s resolutions and why time spent planning is never wasted.

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New FOS pay-outs really are the limit
05 December 2018

FOS needs to take another shot at new limits 

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Ken Davy: PTR dodges Chancellor's axe...again.
21 November 2018

We are still some way off a budget which is ‘good for all’

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The kids are alright
07 November 2018

Why intergenerational advice may be so vital to the future of your firm

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